PSM Australia is the trustworthy specialist in any brand of spraybooth you own. Our qualified service include breakdown response, maintenance, cleaning, relocation, water treatment chemicals.

Spraybooth Specialist

Contact us immediately to get your exclusive service for spraybooth.

Breakdown Response

PSM Australia saves your spraybooth from downtime. You just need our professional technicians to diagnose and fix your spraybooth as quickly as possible. No matter where you are in Victoria, PSM Australia offers initial technical support in order to get your spraybooth back to the right track.

Spraybooth Maintenance

PSM Australia have a professional team who can create a customized timeline for regular and long-term maintenance that ensures minimal downtime and the best operation of your spraybooth. We perform a range of services and stock parts for filter replacement, wastewater removal, booth repairs, and more.  We have trustworthy suppliers and reliable technicians to meet the needs of any brand of spraybooth you own.

Spraybooth Cleaning

PSM Australia is your knowledgeable expert in spraybooth cleaning. Keeping your spraybooth clean and organized is important to produce quality work and maintain its longevity. Our experienced technicians clean your spraybooth properly and thoroughly.  We have a powerful 5000psi Pressure Washer that cuts through a lot of built up residue. 

Spraybooth Relocation

PSM Australia offers a safe and professional service for your spraybooth relocation. During the relocation, our experienced technicians will keep an eye on the condition, compliance and feasibility of an effective booth relocation in an economical way. Whether you need a dismantle or the reinstalment of your Spraybooth, we guarantee everything all work is performed in line with AS4114.

Water Treatment Chemicals

PSM Australia boasts a range of specially formulated water treatment chemicals for water wash spraybooths, which are uniquely designed for a wide range of Spraybooth applications and paint coatings.

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