Why DIY Spraybooth Maintenance May Be Putting Your Business at Risk

Most businesses in today’s competitive climate are looking to operate in a leaner capacity and ultimately cut costs. While this is becoming standard practice where you work, it needs to be a calculated risk rather than one that exposes your business operations.

Like any other asset, when purchasing a spraybooth you need to factor in the ongoing maintenance costs rather than just the initial cost. Outlaying tens of thousands of dollars is a large investment for any business, so many make the mistake of factoring the cleaning and maintenance of this asset as in an internal element. Employees are often left with the responsibility to clean and maintain spraybooths, but they have neither the skills, expertise nor equipment to correctly maintain this type of equipment.

Spraybooths not only present an operational and financial challenge if the equipment is not sufficiently maintained, they also present a very real OHS risk. Financial, operational and safety risk assessments are crucial when it comes to spraybooth management.

When a spraybooth breaks down due to inadequate cleaning and maintenance, that costs your business money, end of story. From potentially preventable break downs, rework if repairs aren’t done correctly first-time round, to delays if parts are needed, these effects to the bottom line aren’t often considered when companies go down the DIY route. It’s pretty simple, if a piece of equipment is not properly maintained, then it will cost you more down the track. If you don’t have staff with the required expertise, then outsourcing to a professional is a no brainer.

Dealing with highly flammable materials in a confined space can pose extreme fire hazards, as well as negative health effects for staff - like asthma. While there are international standards for gas and electrical maintenance of spraybooths, they aren’t specific when it comes to cleaning and maintenance requirements. That doesn’t mean that companies are off the hook; if a spraybooth isn’t correctly maintained then it will affect the gas and electrical operation of the equipment.

Your staff’s safety should be your first priority, so if you don’t appropriately maintain your spraybooth, then once again, you may need to consider outsourcing the responsibility to a professional or you are putting your employees at risk.

Another critical error that many businesses make is not factoring in the downtime of a DIY spraybooth cleaning and maintenance job versus a professional one. Generally, a professional spraybooth service company like PSM can do the job up to four times quicker than a DIY job, saving downtime in operations. It’s also means that the service will include a thorough clean, as opposed to a surface clean, as well as a full service to identify required repairs.

Another consideration (and not often thought of) is that insurance companies may be hesitant to cover claims if your business isn’t able to provide a detailed service history of the equipment, which is yet another risk for your business; it could be an expensive mistake.

DIY spraybooth management may seem like the more affordable option upfront, but if all the risks aren’t’ suitably assessed then it can become a costly affair. From OHS and operational risks, to unnecessary expenses due to equipment failure. DIY spraybooth cleaning and maintenance is not always the best option.

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