The Spraybooth Dragon.

They both breath fire, but a spraybooth shouldn't be a fire hazard or a breathing hazard. You may hear technicians highlight the importance of filter replacement, but why? How often should you change the filter? What kind of filter media should you choose? There are quite a lot of details you need to think about. Here are some key considerations:

How Filters Work

High-quality spray booth exhaust filter for your spray booth

A spray booth is a sealed environment built for applying spray paint more efficiently. The main function is to prevent dust and other particles from contaminating the air inside, which will destroy your paintwork at last. Filters are screens to ensure that air entering the spray booth is free of any contaminants and that air existing it is free of hazardous chemicals.

Filter Types

Exhaust filter rolls

There are two types of filters in your spray booth: intake filters and exhaust filters.

At the front end of your filter system is your intake unit filters, which guarantee the air entering your booth is free from contaminants. You may not be able to see the contaminants, but it only takes particulates of around 10 microns to cause a defect on your paintwork. For reference, that is about 0.0004 inches.

Exhaust filters are on the back end of your exhaust system. These makes sure the air leaving the booth will be safe for the environment and keeping potentially hazardous chemicals from remaining in the airflow of the booth. Exhaust filters capture solid and liquid aerosols that you can be exposed to through inhalation or dermal absorption.

The Importance of Filter Maintenance

Through normal use, filters will be blocked with debris and dust which will reduce their efficiency, but moreover, do harm to your employees and the environment.

Clogged and overloaded filters will not provide proper airflow inside your spray booth. You may spend extra time spent on corrective procedures resulting in less work being completed, reducing your daily efficiency. Additionally, this is where harmful bacteria love to settle in and bred, posing a real health risk to workers. The final threat here is fire. Many spraybooth fires start from combustion of the build up of paint in the filters.

When to Change Your filters

Overdue filter

Of all components inside your booth, the filters need special care. They require more frequent maintenance than any other part of your booth. Furthermore, different filters are changed at different rates. For instance, exhaust filters get dirty the fastest and last only a few weeks before they typically need to be changed, intake filters on the other hand normally last for a few months before a change is necessary - of course this all depends on the amount of work you booth does and your choice of filter.

For example, if you deal with a hundred cars per month, the filters are in use over many hours. After about 60 hours of use, the filters need to be changed.

The type of booth will also affect the frequency of changing filters. Intake filters for a cross draft booth will need to be changed more often than down-draft ceiling filters.

Attention! If you have more than one spray booth, you need to calculate the running hours separately.

If you notice a decline in performance before filters are due to be replaced, it is advised that you change the filters immediately.

Choose the Right Filters

Fibreglass exhaust filter

Just as important as making a regular schedule for filter replacement, is which filters to use. There are so many different styles and brands for filters, how can we choose the right one? We all worry about the cost but cheapest isn’t always best. In fact cheapest isn’t always cheapest! You need to take note of the following characteristics;

  • The type of booth

  • The speed of the fan

  • The fibre composition

  • The thickness

  • The loft rating

Ultimately, it is best to work with spraybooth specialists PSM Australia, to design an effective schedule for changing your filters, find a good balance between filtration needs and cost efficiency in your booth’s performance. Our professionals will give custom advice for your schedule and maximise each filter and change them in an appropriate time frame for your needs. PSM Australia enjoys trustworthy partnerships with filter suppliers, covering the majority of filter categories in the market.

Speak to us today for a great price and trustworthy advice.

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