A breath of fresh air?

So we all know that spraybooth filters have to be changed. But why? Filters are the most important item on your list when it comes to spraybooth maintenance. They can have a drastic effect on spraybooth performance and longevity - not to mention the health of your staff. We all know that your burner has to be serviced every six months (and if you don't know that - you better get out AS4114 and have a read) but it seems that the story on filters is not filtering through. They are the biggest cause of spraybooth fires because their very job is to trap and hold on to paint, that means turning a harmless filter into a highly flammable fire hazard. The key is to make sure filters are changed regularly. How regular is regular you ask? Well that is a very good question. This depends entirely on the amount of work your spraybooth is doing and the filter product you are using. All spraybooth filter is not the same. It may do the same job, but that's like saying a Tesla and a Holden do the same job. Yes they do - in theory. They go about it in very different ways, using different specifications to achieve an outcome. It's the same with filter media. So next time you order your filter media products, ask your supplier a bit more about the product so you can work out whether its the best fit for the work you are doing. You may want to change what you are using so that you can safely change the filters less often - and that may save you money in the long run.

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