Water Treatment Products

Professional Spraybooth Management leads the way with an industry first in mobile water treatment and recycling.

In an industry first, PSM can treat non-hazardous waste on-site with our purpose built mobile treatment plant. This process will chemically treat your spraybooth waste, removing the solids and treating the water. This enables the treated water to be returned to the booth. The solids removed from the waste will be processed into blocks for re-use or disposal off site.

Giving you your wash water back at a price that is cheaper than having it carted away to be treated and sent to landfill (not to mention that you would still need 1000's of litres of water to fill back up again).





Our mobile treatment plant is unique in concept and design. Able to treat minimal amounts of waste for the smaller business, to tens of thousands of non hazardous liquid waste for large scale industry requirements – this process is not limited to the spraybooth industry.

PSM is an EPA licensed mobile treatment plant, designed to remove solids from non-hazardous waste water, on-site.

With high waste disposal costs and tight water restrictions, on-site treatment is the answer.

Waste water is vacuum loaded into the truck, the waste is treated, the solids are removed and pressed. The clean water is then returned to you for re-use.

Why PSM Water Treatment?

  • reduced cost (onsite treatment)
  • environmentally friendly
  • reliability - on time every time!
  • industry-leading technology
  • instant breakdown response
  • EPA licensed

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