Spraybooth High Pressure Cleaning

Professional Spraybooth Management offers services for spraybooth maintenance, cleaning, breakdowns, relocations, filter media, water treatment products, spraybooth compliance to the Australian Standard and Workcover requirements. We ensure that your spraybooth is working at its premium before we leave the job site.

Detailed and Extensive Cleaning

There are many aspects to cleaning a spraybooth that many users and managers are unaware of and it is not until PSM are there pulling your booth apart for cleaning that many of our first time customers grasp the full extent of our service. A spray booth is an expensive and intricate piece of equipment that must be maintained by suitable experienced personnel for it to be kept working at optimum performance levels.

It is not simpy a matter of washing down what you can see as the majority of breakdowns are caused by blockages in areas that you can’t see and are often missed. PSM ensures that your spray booth is cleaned in its entirety to prevent these breakdowns.

In wet booths, water levels must be maintained at specific levels and air pressures balanced in order for your booth to work properly. These are just some of the services PSM can offer your business.

Spraybooth Industry Leaders

  • High pressure booth cleans
  • Total spraybooth maintenance
  • Reliable breakdown service
  • Waste water onsite treatment
  • Spraybooth modifications and relocations
  • Spraybooth water treatment products
  • Filter media to suit all spraybooths
  • EPA licenced vehicle for waste removal
  • AS/NZS - 4114 Upgrades

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Professional Spraybooth Management